Landing Pages

Below are a few selected landing pages designed for a variety of clients over the past few years. 

CLIENT: Elevate, XU Burgers
ROLE: UI & Visual Designer

TOOLS USED: Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator

YEAR: 2015–2018
TYPE: Visual, UI, Web Design

Landing Pages Large

The goal of this landing page was to design a scrollable one-pager that informed visitors of the key points about the Elevate conference experience. The design, in the end, reflects a vibrant and energetic visual design about Elevate with the use of bold colours and typography. With one easy scroll, a visitor gets a feel of the conference and all relevant information are presented to them clearly. 

Greats Homepage

The goal of this landing page was to allow customers to view where the current location of the food truck is and what the menu options are. The sketches used in the background imply the hand-made process of the patties and the colours give it a friendly mood while keeping it refined. When a user visits the site they can quickly find out where the food truck is located, find out a bit more about the food truck, and read up a little about the different menu items. 

XU Burgers Hompage_CVarthoumlien

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